Chasing Short-eared Owls in the field.

Chasing Short-eared Owls in the field.


It all started when…

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Ludovit Tatos. I was born and raised in Bratislava capital of Slovakia. I have competed in Olympic Sprint Kayaks over 25 years and another 10 years in surfski kayaks in Europe and USA.

In 1986 I escaped to Austria and spent almost 2 years in a refugee facility waiting to get a visa to the USA. Finally,  I arrived in America in 1988.

I became a US Citizen in 1994.  I always had some kind of camera. Started with my dad's russian range finder camera shooting B/W film. In the 90's I start using Pentax SLR's , later DSLR's and was using them until 2017 when I switched to Canon DSLR's. My passion is taking pictures of birds, especially raptors, but my favorite are the owls.

I  feel blessed every time I go out to take pictures.